Don’t worry about your PVC banners this Christmas if you bought them from us. Deep down we actually love the storms coming! If you’re wondering why we don’t mind all the wind and the rain, then read on. Instead of using cheap and lightweight materials, we print winter banners on everything premium 440GSM to 750GSM PVC material. Despite the thicker materials costing us more, we never pass that cost on to you, and we know that when the storms come, you’ll come back to us and not our competitors!

If you’re looking for a winter banner, give us a call on 0131 463 6111. Ask us about our durable material.

Have you permanently attached your banner to a railing or roof all December long? If so, you should periodically check the attachment points. With durable PVC and reinforced hemmed eyelets, the weakest point is usually the railing or fence! Consider attaching your banners with 9mm cable ties, strong enough to hold a banner securely in the summer. However, even the strongest of cable ties might not do the trick in the winter. When a bad storm hits, they may snap and cause damage to the posts and mounting points.

For wind exposed areas we always recommend mesh printed banners because they allow wind to pass between the fibres.

Finally, if you’re sold on the idea of buying a winter banner, check out some free vector ideas here. If you’re not happy with a preset design, contact our design team and our team will make one just for you. Finally, we’ll print anything you send us, so if you want to skip the faff, head on over to our PVC banners today. We can’t wait to hear from you this Christmas, and wish you all the best bracing the storms in the coming months.