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We provide the following artwork guidelines to help ensure your self-supplied artwork is of the best quality for print. If following reading these guidelines you have any questions, please contact us immediately. We also have a team of professional graphic designers, so if you are really stuck

We also have a team of professional graphic designers if your project requires a that extra wow factor.

 Artwork aspect ratio: Your artwork aspect ratio should match the banner or paper aspect ratio. If your banner is 4ft by 2ft, your artwork needs to be twice as wide as it is tall.

 Image quality: for best results, logos and images above 300dpi are recommended. Our printers are capable of printing up to 1440dpi resolution on most materials. This is particularly important when images are scaled up for the largest banners. If you can see any pixelation of the image on the screen,  it is likely too low resolution.

 Artwork Border: for PVC banners it is recommended to avoid having text within 30mm of the edges, this avoids obstruction from attachment eyelets.

 File formats: Most image formats are accepted. Vector image formats are preferred, .PDF, .AL, .EPS formats allow us to scale the image and text without pixelation of the font or graphic.

 Image rights: By sending artwork to us for print, you are confirming ownership and take full responsibility for usage of the print.


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