Elevating Your Print Projects: Exploring the World of Creative Print Finishing

The final touches can transform a simple project into a sensory experience.

Creative Finishing

In the realm of print design, the final touches can transform a simple project into a sensory experience. Creative print finishing techniques not only enhance the visual appeal of your materials but also engage the tactile senses, leaving a lasting impression on the recipient. From adding a luxurious sheen to creating intricate textures, the possibilities are endless. This blog post delves into the innovative world of print finishing, highlighting techniques that can elevate your print projects and captivate your audience.

Seeing is Believing..

Multi-layer printing allows us to create some very special finishes and the imagination to take over.

Make your print change colour (like day to night), or bring metal effects come to life, multi-layer printing enables this and much more..

Gift box with a realistic wood-effect laminate finish showcasing the versatility of lamination beyond matt or gloss.

Way more than just Matt or Gloss..

We like to use Lamination to create special material finishes, lamination is available in a multitude of options, from all types of wood to brushed metal, leather look and many more..

It Never Felt so Good..

Hi-Build UV puts down multiple layers of UV Ink on top of each other to create a texture, this process can bring, blood, sweat and tears, to life.

Close-up of an orange's textured surface with Hi-Build UV ink creating a tactile, lifelike effect.
Festive 3D cut-out standees of a polar bear, penguins, and a seal with a Christmas tree, highlighting Edinburgh Banners' precision digital cutting capabilities.

Make it ‘Take Shape’..

Die-cutting allows for the creation of unique shapes and custom cut-outs in your printed materials, breaking free from the constraints of traditional rectangles and squares. This technique can be used to craft eye-catching business cards, invitations, or packaging that stands out from the crowd.

We work with various materials, which enables us to bring textures and depth to signage, packaging, retail POS, Exhibition Stands and many other projects.