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Have you ever thought how wasteful it is to throw away perfectly good roller banner bases? Have you considered fitting a replacement graphic to an existing roller banner base? Well thankfully Edinburgh Banners likes your thinking!

A new year always brings a renewed pressure to save money in and get more bang for your marketing and advertising budget. Not only the money, by replacing only the rollup graphic, this will also reduce our impact on the environment.

So for 2017 Edinburgh Banners have introduced a reskinning and replacement graphic service for recycling roller banners and pop up displays.

Recycling Roller Banners

Our graphic only / replacement graphic option for roller banners is a fantastic choice for lightly used or perfectly working roller banner bases. The bases do not even have to be purchased from us! Ideally, we will have supplied the hardware to guarantee quality but we can review any base you can get your hands on.

As standard, we will fit the graphic for free, or alternatively, follow these simple steps below for re-skinning your roller banner. Easiest completed with the help of two people:

How to Replace Roller Banner Graphics

Tools required,

  • 3mm Allen key
  • Crosshead screwdriver (for our Standard and Premium models)

Helpful to have

  • 2 people
  • Acetone or nail varnish remover
  • Cloth to use with acetone

How to Replace Roller Banner Graphic in 10 Steps

Or just watch this helpful video


  1. Inspect the roller banner base thoroughly, pull the banner all the way out and listen and watch as it retracts back into the base. There should be no sharp noises, clunking or sticking points. A correctly working base will have sufficient spring to roll the graphic all the way back into the base without pausing.
  2. Remove end-caps. If your banner base has end caps, take your cross-head screwdriver, remove the right-hand side end-cap and inside you will see a small hole.
  3. Test Allen key. Check your Allen key fits into the small hole on the side of the base, this will act as a pin to hold the roller spring mechanism later.


  1. Pull out the graphic of the roller banner you’re recycling. Following an inspection, between two people lay your roller banner out onto a flat clean surface. One person holding the base and the second walking the graphic out.
  2. Pin Mechanism. Once the banner can be extended no further, and the graphic has been fully unrolled, insert the Allen key into small hole we found earlier on the side of the base. At this point ease the graphic back onto the base, if the Allen-key is positioned correctly the graphic will not retract more than an inch.
  3. Remove Graphic Base. Carefully peel back the bottom of the graphic from the base, it may be attached with both a protective tape and double-sided adhesive. Remove this carefully as we do not want to tear the attachment
  4. Remove Graphic Top. At the top of the graphic, the banner will be attached in a mechanical clamp mechanism or double-sided tape. Remove the plastic end caps if they are present. Again, carefully pull off the graphic.
  5. If the top of your banner was attached with adhesive take your cloth and acetone (or nail polish remover) and clean the area by removing the sticky residue. This ensures the replacement graphic has a smooth and strong attachment point


  1. Attaching the reprint graphic. Now you are ready to install the new graphic. Start with the top bar and carefully use double-sided tape or the clamp mechanism to mount the print. For the bottom, I like to lay everything out to do a practice run. This ensures I line everything up square. Then peel back the double-sided tape and securing the image down.
  2. Winding the graphic back in. First, check the new graphic is straight. Then with one person supporting the graphic from the top, the second holds the base securely. When you are happy, remove the Allen key and slowly allow the print to roll back into the mechanism

Remember we will install the replacement graphic free of charge at our office or call us and we will happily talk you through the process.