Transforming Everyday Bollards into Marketing Marvels with Printed Covers

Have you ever stopped to consider the silent guardians of our pathways and streets? These unsung heroes, known as bollards, serve as vigilant protectors and guides in our daily commutes. But beyond their practical role, lies an untapped potential for aesthetic enhancement and advertising prowess. Today, let’s explore the transformative power of printed bollard covers.

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Printed Bollard Covers.

Today we are going to talk about something we probably see every day but don’t pay much attention. We’re talking about bollards, how to make them look a little bit better, and how we can advertise with them.

Bollards, also known as “bumper posts,” “guard posts,” or “steel pipe bollards” are short posts created to work on pavements and streets. Theses are used as delimitating tools for both vehicles and pedestrians. They are mainly a visual guide to see where the pavement begins/ends and what the pathway the vehicles should follow is. They come in a wide variety of shapes and materials. These have been around us since the time of the Roman Empire, always fulfilling the same function: to guide traffic and protect stonework. However, nowadays, they make so much more.

Bollard Covers

These are printed graphics that are used to “dress up” bollards to make them look a little bit better or to take advantage of them to do some advertising. They are an affordable alternative in terms of maintenance and are highly popular because they are straightforward to create and install.

If you have bollards around the perimeter of your shop or your office, in many places, it is also your responsibility to paint them and pay for maintenance. As much as they are useful tools for security, they are not the most attractive thing in the world. The prices for painting them can go a little bit too high. That is the main reason why bollards covers were invented in the first place. Nowadays, printing companies produce them to help business owners maintain the aesthetic of their stores or to advertise some of their products. As bollards can be found almost everywhere, there are also many options for designing bollard covers.

Printed bollard cover promoting an Ice Cream Special with a teal background and ice cream graphics.
Bollard cover advertising a 'Special Offer' with a 70% discount in a street setting.

Why Printed Bollard Covers?

For businesses, first impressions are everything. Printed bollard covers provide an unexpected canvas to boost curb appeal and engage potential customers. Our Covers are an affordable, effective, and versatile solution for:

  1. Enhancing Brand Visibility: With the right design, bollard covers can become eye-catching advertisements, promoting brand recognition.
  2. Conveying Messages: Whether it’s a special offer, an upcoming event, or a public service announcement. Bollard covers are perfectly positioned to catch the eye of passers-by.
  3. Aesthetic Integration: They can be customised to complement the surrounding architecture or landscape, adding to the visual harmony of a space.
  4. Seasonal Celebrations: Reflect the spirit of holidays and seasons, from festive Christmas designs to summer sales themes, with ease and flexibility.
  5. Directional Signage: Guide customers right to your doorstep with strategically designed wayfinding bollard covers.

Advertising Opportunity

As we always say, you need to advertise to let people know about you and your business. Bollard covers offer you an excellent opportunity to showcase products, promotions, upcoming events, sales, and so much more. As bollards are common everyday objects, people will look at them and get information about your business without even noticing (and without it being too disturbing). So they will be more likely to approach you and your store. They also help you by making your space look more attractive. Therefore, it will be more noticeable.

They are easy to replace:

If one of the covers gets damaged, or you want to advertise something else you can easily do it. They work great for showcasing one-time events. We can produce new covers in a short time. Also, you can make them all match the season, like using a candy cane pattern for Christmas or a heart pattern for Valentine’s Day. The price will always be affordable, and you can store and re-use them the next year.

Designing the Perfect Bollard Cover

Creating an effective bollard cover begins with understanding its environment and the message it needs to convey. Here are some key considerations:

  • Graphics: Choose bold, clear images that communicate your message even from a distance.
  • Colour: We utilize colours that stand out while remaining on-brand.
  • Text: Keep it concise. Large, readable fonts ensure your message is understood quickly.
  • Material: Our durable materials like vinyl or polyester can withstand the elements and keep your message looking fresh.
Edinburgh Banners bollard cover on a cobblestone pavement.

The Making of a Bollard Cover.

At Edinburgh Banners, we’ve refined our process to ensure that creating your bollard covers is straightforward. Here’s how we bring your designs to fruition:

Step 1: Choosing the Shape and Size.

Your first step with us involves selecting the appropriate shape and size for your bollard covers. We provide two standard configurations: a four-sided square and a three-sided triangle. Your selection will depend on your aesthetic preferences and the specific requirements of the location where they will be deployed.

Although bollards tend to conform to standard sizes, which our covers are designed to accommodate perfectly. We also recognise that exceptions exist. For those bollards that don’t meet these standard dimensions, we are fully prepared to customise our covers to fit.

Step 2: Designing Your Cover.

With the dimensions set, the next phase is the design. This stage is where your vision for the bollard covers starts to materialise. If you’re without a specific design or lack access to a professional graphic designer, there’s no need for concern. Our in-house design services are here to assist you. Whether it’s for branding, advertising, or merely to brighten up the area, we collaborate closely with you to ensure the design accurately reflects your vision and goals.

Step 3: Selecting the Material

Once we have your design is in place, the next step is to choose the material for your bollard covers. Our range includes a variety of durable materials from cardboard to correx. Additionally, we offer finishing options like matte, glossy, whiteboard, and anti-graffiti lamination to cater to different preferences and environmental conditions. Each material and finishing choice is selected for its durability and resilience against the British weather, ensuring your covers stay vivid and intact over time.

Step 4: Printing and Assembly.

After finalising the design and material, we move on to printing. Employing the latest techniques, we ensure the colours on your bollard covers are bright and the details crisp. Our covers are engineered for ease of installation, designed to be effortlessly slipped over your bollards and secured in place without the need for any tools. This simplicity facilitates easy updates, allowing you to refresh your space or messaging as required.

The bollard covers are delivered to you in a flat format, ready for assembly. With just a few simple folds indicated for convenience. No special fasteners, clips, or adhesive are necessary. The installation is as straightforward as it gets: the covers slide over your existing bollards and are fastened with gripper tabs, instantly transforming your premises.

At Edinburgh Banners, we take pride in enabling your bollards to be not only functional but also an integral part of your business’s visual appeal. With our tailored approach, creating bollard covers that align with your branding and practical needs has never been simpler.