Today we are going to talk about something we probably see every day but don’t pay much attention. Some things work for us, and we don’t realize how important they are, and that’s today’s topic. We’re talking about bollards and how to make them look a little bit better, and also how we can do some advertising with them.

Bollards, also known as “bumper posts,” “guard posts,” or “steel pipe bollards” are short posts created to work on sidewalks and streets as delimitating tools for both vehicles and pedestrians. They are mainly a visual guide to see where the pavement begins/ends and what the pathway the vehicles should follow is, and they come in a wide variety of shapes and materials. They have been around us since the time of the Roman Empire, always fulfilling the same function: to guide traffic and protect stonework. However, nowadays, they make so much more.

Let’s see what the primary uses of bollards are:

Visual guides for traffic: Traffic bollards are used to guide vehicles towards the ways they should follow or do the exact opposite, to delimitate areas where cars shouldn’t enter. Sometimes they are also used in combination with other traffic calming methods like speed humps or one-way streets.

Marks for pedestrian spaces: some bollards are used to delimitate pedestrian spaces, like bollards installed in front of buildings (they define the perimeter) or bollards placed around a playground or park. A rope can also join them; that way, they mark the space and send the message of not trying to avoid it, but without being too restrictive or looking like a barrier.

Construction bollards: some kinds of bollards are temporarily placed around spaces to protect the construction zone from people and vehicles that will be passing by that area. They are placed more closely to each other than regular bollards, so they look more like barriers. Also, they tend to be brightly coloured to enhance visibility.

Security bollards: bollards are mainly used for security purposes, but some are specially designed to be more resistant than others against vehicle’s impacts. They are mostly done with steel, filled with concrete and attached firmly to the ground, in specific areas where there are more chances of vehicle accidents and collisions.

Protective bollards: They are similar to the security ones in terms of the making process and materials, but there are installed near areas that have human traffic but also have a risky zone. You will often see them in areas like playgrounds near parking lots, parks beside sharp bends in the road, and outdoor patios by busy roadways.

Protective bollards for building components: These are solidly made bollards that are placed around vulnerable building components, like gas or water meters. They are designed to reduce the damage of these components in case of an accident. They also can be used around historical monuments to protect them from vehicles that are out of control.

Bicycle parking: Bicycle parking-bollards are a variety of bollards, specially designed for attaching bike’s locks so bikers can leave them there while they do other things. They can still perform their regular function as bollards. However, they become a solution for obstruction and damage that can come from improperly parked bikes.

As you can see, bollards have many uses, and you may wonder why we are talking about them in the first place. Let’s see, bollards are useful for many purposes and businesses as well, but they also cause some trouble in terms of architecture, aesthetics, and maintenance. There is one solution for those troubles, and that is the use of printed bollard covers.

Bollard covers are printed graphics that are used to “dress up” bollards to make them look a little bit better or to take advantage of them to do some advertising. They are an affordable alternative in terms of maintenance and are highly popular because they are straightforward to create and install.

If you have bollards around the perimeter of your store or your office, in many places, it is also your responsibility to paint them and pay for maintenance. As much as they are useful tools for security, they are not the most attractive thing in the world, and the prices for painting them can go a little bit too high. That is the main reason why bollards covers were invented in the first place. Nowadays, printing companies produce them to help business owners maintain the aesthetic of their stores or to advertise some of their products. As bollards can be found almost everywhere, there are also many options for designing bollard covers.

How are bollard covers made?

Bollard covers have two standard designs; 4 sided square shape or 3 sided triangular shape. Depending on which one you prefer, you’re going to have to specify that to the printing company. If you don’t have a professional graphic designer working for you, you can ask the printing company if they offer the designing service. Most of them do it, so there’s no problem on that matter.

After having decided which shape the cover will be, and having the graphics, you get to choose the materials and the size. Sizing is relatively simple, as bollards have a standard size, and so do printing companies. However, if you need covers for a specific size of bollards, most printing companies can adapt the printing to the size you need.  As for materials, there is a wide variety of options, from cardboard to correx plastic. Also, there’s the possibility of adding a matt, glossy, whiteboard, or anti-graffiti lamination. In terms of durability, bollards covers are designed to hold well against the environment’s elements. They’re waterproof and UV protected.

The covers arrive at you in their flat version, and you can assemble them quickly just by folding where the marks are, no need for special fasteners, clips, or glue. The installing process is also straightforward as they slide over the top of your current post and are secured in place with gripper tabs. Bollard covers are an easy way of making your existing bollards look a little bit better and match your business’s aesthetic while still being functional.

Reasons why bollards covers are a good investment:

They make you save money: As we mentioned before, the aesthetic, painting, and maintenance of all of your bollards correspond to you. In the U.S, for example, the average cost for repairing and painting one bollard is about $35, now imagine how much it will cost to paint ten bollards. Now imagine how much it will be if you have more than one store. And remember, the paint will look perfect for only a few months, corrosion, dirtiness, and chipping will eventually show up, so you’ll have to pay for repairing and painting again at least once a year.

The average price for bollard covers in the U.S is $30. Due to the way they are done and the materials they use, a bollard cover can look perfect for a minimum of two years (even though there are companies that offer covers that hold up very well for up to five years.) Just by doing some basic math, you can see that using bollard covers helps you save money in the long term.

They make you save time: Time is another valuable thing in terms of business. The average time for repairing, priming, and painting just one bollard is 30 to 45 minutes. With bollard covers, you have to spend a few minutes folding them and less than one minute installing them. You slide the covers over the top of the bollards, and you’re done, no need to have one employee working outside for a whole day. And there is no need to hire someone else to do that job either.

They protect the bollards: Bollard covers also have a protective function. As they are covering the structure, all the impacts from the elements end up affecting the cover and not the bollards, so corrosion and chipping occur more slowly than usual. Still, other factors affect your bollards, like a minor crash when someone accidentally opens their car door and hits one bollard. This also happens a lot when people are parking. In those cases, bollard covers act like protective covers as well, they end up receiving all the impact, so the bollard ends up with no damage.

They enhance property appearance: Bollards prioritize function over style. However, most business owners know that their spaces need to look good to attract people. Bollard covers can make them look a little bit better and put-together, and they also work well for events! If you have a special event on an area that has many bollards, you can order the covers to make sure everything matches and looks well. They can also be used to signal where the event is being hosted or to advertise some of the sponsors you’re having on the occasion.

They give you an advertising opportunity: As we always say, you need to advertise to let people know about you and your business. Bollard covers offer you an excellent opportunity to showcase products, promotions, upcoming events, sales, and so much more at an affordable price. As bollards are common everyday objects, people will look at them and get information about your business without even noticing (and without it being too disturbing), so they will be more likely to approach you and your store. They also help you by making your space look more attractive. Therefore, it will be more noticeable.

They are easy to replace: If one of the covers gets damaged, or you want to advertise something else and change the sheets entirely, you can easily do it. They work great for showcasing one-time events, and you can make a new order and have new ones in a short time. Also, you can make them all match the season, like using a candy cane pattern for Christmas or a heart pattern for Valentine’s Day. The price will always be affordable, and you can store and re-use them the next year.

There are many options in terms of production: Just like any other printed product, bollard covers are very affordable, and you can customize them to fit your budget or your unique needs. Some people may prioritize security over aesthetics, so they can order reflective covers that make the bollards look brighter in the night time, and vehicles can easily see them. Some other people may want a cover that withstands extreme weather conditions, so they order waterproof covers. If you have a particular need or a tight budget, you can customize your order in terms of materials, durability, and quantity to find what works best for you.

In business, every single thing counts to make you run it successfully. Bollard covers may not be on your top priorities, but they are certainly something you should think about. From keeping the front part of your store secure, surrounding a vulnerable component of your property, or only having to work with them because they are installed in an area you want to work with, having them protected and looking good will bring you many benefits.

As we mentioned before, they are a natural alternative to maintain and make the already existent bollards look good. If you choose to use them, you will be saving time and money, and that means good news for every kind of business. Also, the advertising opportunity will always be useful, so you will saving money AND having incomes by using these tools. If you’re interested in ordering bollard covers, Edinburgh banners have great alternatives for you. From carbon-neutral materials to different kinds of lamination, we offer you tons of options for you and your needs. Check our offers for printing bollard covers, which all include same-day printing and same-day delivery, so you’ll have them in no time.