Outdoor adverts and PVC banners are a great way of catching the eyes of passers-by and selling your business message to a wider audience. Particularly in the UK, one of the first thoughts about any outdoor advertising is longevity and survival. During the harsh winters, any outdoor advertising will take a battering. After all, that’s why PVC banners were developed!

PVC is a great outdoor material, hard wearing and flexible, able to withstand the harsh UK  weather. From constant wind and rain to damaging UV rays, our 400GSM PVC and solvent based inks are carefully chosen for durability.

Despite the thick banner material, your banner will still last longest when hung correctly. Following our recommendations below on hanging a banner.

Expert Tip

We use double thickness hems before pressing in metallic eyelets on all of our outdoor banners. This means attachment points are extra secure even in strong winter winds.

Four Ways of Hanging A Banner

1. Attach to a railing or fence

The most common method to hang a banner is to strap it to the nearest railing or fence. Being cheap, fast and secure this is probably a great place for your new banner! To mount, simply use cable ties, string or bungee and secure to the railing. We recommend tightening the ties as much as possible with a firm hand. Rigid attachment makes a professional and neat smooth graphic.

If you are planning on hanging a banner in wind exposed location, be sure to purchase bungee ties so your banner releases the wind energy. Bungee avoids both damage to the banner and the railing. You should also consider a mesh banner for larger banners exposed to strong winds.

2. Hanging on a Wall

If you have the opportunity, the best hanging position is to attach your new PVC banner onto the nearest wall. This is for three great reasons; wind protection, height and longevity.

With no wind pressing from behind, you really can print as large as you like! No need to use mesh material as the wall provides the required wind shelter. With a solid structure behind the banner, and well-secured attachment points, your banner will look as robust as the wall you screw into.

Secondly, often banners attached to a wall are positioned higher up. This means more eyes on that vibrant logo as people can now see it from a distance.

Finally, by hanging a banner off the ground there are less stray branches, people or bicycles likely to damage your beloved banner.

If you choose to screw your banner to the wall, be sure to tell us and we will press in smaller eyelets during manufacture. We can also provide the correct sized washers to ensure the screws won’t pull through the eyelets.

3. Hanging Between Two Poles

Great for street advertising and without the need to bring out the drill, hanging a banner between lamposts or poles is a great option. Your sign will be extra-visible gained by the added height. Without the shelter of a wall, you need to check the posts are secure. You must also limit your banner size or use mesh material on the largest banners.

4. Banner Frames and Stands

Portable PVC Banner Stand

We offer a range of portable and permanent banner stands. These are available in double-sided or single-sided options for a choice of weather conditions. These stands are great for using as a permanent outdoor sign, or portable pop up display at sporting events where there may not always be a convenient railing!

We can provide banner stands in any size or choose from our standard sizes.