Don’t worry about your PVC banners from us this winter. Deep down we actually love the storms coming! Here is why; instead of using cheap lightweight PVC, we print outdoor banners on Premium 440GSM PVC to 750GSM material. Despite the thicker materials costing us more, we know that when the storms come, you will come back to us and not competitors!

If you are looking for a winter PVC banner, why gives us a call on 0131 46 36 111 and we will be happy to help

Is your PVC banner permanently attached to a railing or roof? If so, you should periodically check the attachment points. With durable PVC and hemmed reinforced eyelets, the weakest point is usually the railing or fence! Cable ties are great for attachment, strong enough to hold a banner securely but when a bad storm hits, some cable ties will snap before damaging the supporting post.

For wind exposed areas we always recommend Mesh printed banners because they allow wind to pass through between the fibers.