We often receive images or logos which a customer would love to use in a PVC banner but the resolution is too low to print. – or is it?

Here we take you through how we supersize your logos and images for PVC banner printing.

How do we know an image is too low a resolution for a large PVC banner print?

JPG, PNG and Raster Formats

Before anything, we look at the format of the file. Logo files are usually sent in a raster format of JPG or PNG file type. This means the image is designed to be a certain size, ie there will be enough little pixels for the image to be clear at one size. For example, the jpg might have enough pixels for the logo to appear sharp on a company website homepage. If this same JPEG or PNG image is doubled in size for printing a large PVC banner, there will be pixels or squares visible.

For JPEG, PNG and other raster image formats we look at the image properties. One of the fastest indicators is the file size, if the file is less than 100kb it is clear the image is not big enough for large PVC prints. If the file is small, there isn’t enough points of information or data to make a large crisp print.

PDF AI and Vector Formats

Vector formats are brilliant for what we need when printing PVC banners or bigger. Vector logos are like an elastic painting, the format includes a mathematical formula to make a logo sharp no matter how large it is printed.

Unfortunately, it can be extra confusing, as occasionally a JPG logo will be embedded into a PDF. Although the file sent is a pdf, it is possible that the file embedded within the pdf is still not high enough resolution for printing.

If a file is genuinely in vector format we have no concerns about pixelation and do not need to check the file size for PVC Banner printing.

Supersizing A Logo

So your logo is a raster PNG or JPEG format and you want a huge PVC banner printed for your next trade event. Hope is not lost, even if your logo is a raster format, at Edinburgh Banner we have a few different solutions.

Redraw the logo

If your logo is made of simple shapes we can quickly redraw your logo. Our graphic design team has experience redrawing all sorts of images or logos to replicate the origonal design. The design team will also save the logo in a vector format so it can be printed in any size in the future.

Here is an example of when we recently redrew a portion of a customers logo for a PVC banner.

Re-drawn Logo


Image Upscaling

Our graphic design team also has use of some truly cutting-edge Image Upscaling software. Ideal for preparing images for PVC banners, this software will use its complex algorithm to add pixels and smooth joins. Commonly used for building wraps, it is actually rarely a day which goes past when the software is not used in preparation for a customers smaller PVC Banners.

Uplscaled Logo

How Large Can I Print an Iphone Image

Do you enjoy the finer things in life and want the absolute finest print for your PVC banner? We recommend the following guide for converting an image to calculate its maximum print size.

For high-quality photo prints we recommend printing at 300dpi. 300 dots per square inch represents industry standard for high-quality magazine or high-quality photo printing.

An Iphone 6 12mp camera shoots an image 400opixels x 3000pixels. By crudely dividing these dimensions by 3oo or 150 this will give guide for how large you can print.

  • Iphone 6 12mp camera, Photo-Quality 300dpi = 13inches x 1oinch print
  • Iphone 6 12mp camera, Quality Canvas 150dpi = 26inches x 2oinch print

An Iphone 6, 5, 5S, 5C  8mp camera captures 3264pixels x 2448pixels images. Again, by dividing these dimensions by 3oo or dpi this will give guide for how large you can print.

  • Iphone 6, 5, 5S, 5C 8mp camera, Photo-Quality 300dpi = 11inches x 8inch print
  • Iphone 6, 5, 5S, 5C 8mp camera, Quality Canvas 150dpi = 22inches x 16inch print

This assumes no image manipulation using our upscaling software.

If you have any questions regarding image sizes for your PVC banners please contact us directly.