Wall Mounted Digital Advertising Display

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  • Wall mounted digital screens fitted with a commercial grade LCD Panel for continuous use.  Built in a tablet-like, super slim casing with a tempered glass face and rounded corners, which also serve to protect any internal components from potential damage. Includes an intuitive piece of software for easy content scheduling. Available in a range of screen sizes from 19” to 55”.

    Flat Mount Advertising Display



Designed to be a complete contemporary digital signage solution, their buttonless tempered glass face, super slim profile, rounded corners and aluminium surround all add to their eye-catching aesthetics.

The displays are fitted with commercial grade panels providing them with a wide viewing angle, improved colour contrast and brightness as well as the ability to be used 24 hours a day.

A simple and intuitive piece of scheduling software is also included which allows you to scheduled different content to play at different times of the day. In addition to this you can also add scrolling text to have an even greater impact on your advertising campaign.


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