Make sure your brand is what’s turning heads with our affordable advertising flyers! Printed in full colour and designed for your campaign needs; produce useful printed flyers that are sure to inform and promote your business wherever it goes. Our top quality flyers are available in various useful sizes that are durable, easy to distribute, and perfect for gaining your brand some publicity.

At Edinburgh Banners, we care highly about the quality and the finish of all our products. We print all our flyers using only the very best tools and materials. All flyer paper is FSC approved ensuring a sustainable supple.

  • Highest Quality Printed PVC Banners
  • Full CMYK colour – bright lifelike colours.
  • Waterproof and UV protected materials suitable for outdoor use.
  • Class B1 Fire Resistance
  • Free Artwork templates.
  • The Lowest Trade Prices.
  • Artwork Proof approval (where appropriate).
  • Same day banner delivery**
  • 24H Dispatch**

Clip-on Eyelets

A revolution in banner attachment, instead of cutting through the material and making a permanent eyelet hole these fast clip on eyelets, can be repositioned depending on your banner needs. Each clip is made from a tough nylon composite material which is suitable for extended outdoor use. The strength of each banner clip on is approximately 45kg. No tools are required for attaching the clip on eyelets to your banner, simply press the two parts together for a strong hold.

Metallic Eyelet

The traditional banner attachment method, metallic eyelets are pressed through the PVC material for a permanent, strong attachment point. If you have a preference for either brass or stainless steel eyelets, please specify in the order notes.

Attachment frequency

Deciding the frequency of attachments depends on the banners use. For permanent extended outdoor use or banner positions exposed to strong winds it is recommended to use more attachment points. Generally in these conditions we would place an eyelet every 30cm around the banner.

If the banner is temporary or only to be used indoors, it is possible to use attachment points at the four corners only.

Metallic banner eyelets have been tested to a holding strength of ~50kg per eyelet.

Clip-on eyelets hold ~45kg per clip in tests.


Clean cut

Clean cut banner finishing means the PVC is trimmed at the edge of the artwork to form a clean straight line. This is great for low cost option for budget banners, indoor or temporary banners.


The traditional finishing option, edges of the PVC banners are cut and folded over to achieve a smoother and longer lasting edge.

Uploading your artwork

Once you have placed an order, we will email you a link with directions on how to transfer your PVC banner artwork for printing. To deliver same day and next day delivery orders, designs must conform to the uploaded artwork checklist, see banner checklist here.

Design Service:

If you prefer one of our expert designers to do the artistic hard-work for you, select the design service during ordering. All we will require from you is the images and text you would like visible on your PVC banner. We will always send you the banner design draft for approval before printing.

    The most popular uses for printed PVC banners are:

  • Pub banners: advertising pub meals, live sports and events, room for hire.
  • Grand openings banners, meal deal offers for restaurants, takeaways, cafes and fast food outlets also use banners for promotional and advertising purposes.
  • Schools / colleges / universities: advertising opening days, summer fairs & accommodation to rent.
  • Student teams, societies and events banners.
  • Advertising banners for exhibitions and conferences.
  • Exhibition banners and conference displays.
  • Special occasions: a celebration of a new born, birthday banners, happy birthday banners, anniversaries, home welcoming etc.
  • In Retail: Bank holiday sales, seasonal sales, opening and closing down sales.
  • Shop signs, displays, and naming banners.
  • Billboard PVC banners.
  • PVC banners for display stands at Exhibitions and conferences.

Caution of Cheap Banners and Budget Banners

We offer you the highest quality, low-cost printed banners for any and all of your given needs. Cheap PVC banners and PVC budget banners often printed using very poor quality inks and materials which result in fast fading Inks, banners that are easily torn or ripped. Quite often Cheap Banners have eyelets on non-hemmed (folded over) edges. This results in the Cheap Banners and the Budget Banners easily ripping when mounting. For this reason, we do not offer eyelets on our standard Economy Banner, instead, we offer the clip-on eyelets which are best suited to most situations.

* Must be a listed company (1+year-old). Must be informed within 30days of the invoice date.

** You must select the 24H option or the Same Day Delivery – Must be artwork ready (You may use one of our templates provided) – if we are required to do artwork dispatch will be after proof approved. Same day delivery is only available for Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee and surrounding areas. Glasgow Dundee and their surrounding areas are dependent on ordered amount.

We recommend that you take your banner down in extreme weather conditions