Correx boards are the most seamless and advantageous solutions for advertising and promoting your business or brand. These are perfect for extended outdoor use since they are UV protected and 100% waterproof. These allow you to keep the promotion fresh and change outdoor signage regularly. These are lightweight, rigid, recyclable, and economical. Corrugated plastic is, in fact, one of the best materials used for advertising purposes.

Printed Correx Board is the ideal solution for budget or temporary outdoor signage. By being durable yet very affordable, this allows you to keep the promotion fresh and change outdoor signage regularly.

Both lightweight and rigid, corrugated plastic is a material best for many different advertising uses.

  • Economy price
  • Varied Uses
  • Lightweight
  • Recyclable
  • Entirely Waterproof, damp and mould resistant

Available in printed single-sided or double-sided options

Get in touch with Edinburgh Banners if you want to buy high-quality correx boards. In order to meet the dynamic demands of the customers, our team designs the products in various dimensions and specifications. These are available in both printed single-sided and double-sided options.
We offer to ship all over the nation for all the sizes of correx boards. However, for the largest boards, extra delivery charges may be put. Place your order today and use these boards for sale signs, lamppost signs, exhibition signage, etc. For more details, browse our official website.


  • Polypropylene construction
  • Standard thickness 4mm, others available upon request
  • 100% waterproof solvent inks
  • UV Protection
  • Indoor or Outdoor use
  • Fully Recyclable

Perhaps, this is the most essential feature as it protects the product from moisture and rain, thereby, increasing its lifespan.

These boards are toxin-free and no harmful chemicals are released into the environment during the manufacturing. These are an environmental-friendly way of advertising your business among the consumers.

These boards are tough and durable and are resistant to outdoor factors such as temperature variations, strong wind, heavy rain, etc.

Since these boards are fully recyclable, these can be used for an unlimited no. of times. This is what makes them economical and eco-friendly too.

Helps You Reach a Large Audience
These boards help you reach a wider audience base. These maximize visibility as they can be used on traffic lights, streetlights, etc. This is one of the most effective ways to advertise your business to pedestrians, car-riders, and bikers.

  • Estate agent boards
  • For sale and letting signs
  • Lampost Signs
  • Low cost advertising signs
  • Show and exhibition signage
Standard turnaround is 48hours, for express Correx printing we also offer an express 24hr printing service.

For larger orders or orders with speciality cutting please contact directly for an exact print schedule.

Yes absolutely, Correx boards are perfect for extended use outdoors. They are 100% waterproof and UV protected.
Correx board stands between Ffoamex and Dibond in qualities of durability. With a polypropylene plastic construction, it is more durable than the foam cored Foamex, but less durable than the super strong aluminium Dibond construction.

Correx does not have as smooth a print finish as either Foamex or Dibond, the corrugations in the plastic mean the surface is not absolutely smooth flat.

Correx is stiffer than Foamex and fully self-supporting, ideal for being attached to outdoor posts for example.

 We offer nationwide shipping for all sizes of Correx printed board, large or small. Smaller packages are dispatched with Parcelforce and a specialist carrier for the largest boards.

You can also collect your Correx free of charge from our Edinburgh office.

For the largest boards there may be an additional delivery surcharge depending on the dimensions.

For larger boards, it is worth considering that Correx corrugated plastic will slightly expand and contract dependent on the temperature. If minor size changes are an issue, a Dibond or Foamex solution may be more appropriate.
The standard size for corrugated plastic estate agent boards is 24×32″ or 610x813mm. This is the maximum legal size, equal to 0.5sq meters. See our estate agent packs for details.
Your Correx board is printed using only solvent outdoor grade ink. The UV resistance shield ensures 10 years without fading.

You can view a complete artwork checklist here:

CYMK Colour mode: Correx boards are printed in 4 colour CYMK ink. Your artwork should be supplied in this colour mode to prevent the risk of colours changing. Any RGB images will be converted automatically by us, but this does not guarantee the colours will be an exact match.

Recommended bleed: 5mm. This is to allow for cutting discrepancies during manufacture. By adding 5mm of bleed all the way around, this will guarantee no white areas and a graphic right up to the edges.

Recommended safe zone: 10mm. To prevent obstruction from screw holes and any minor deviations in manufacturing, we suggest a 10mm safe zone. This is the minimum distance text or important graphics should be placed from the edge of the Correx board.