• Mongol Rally

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      HUGE Printed PVC at high resolution suitable for printing extra large maps.

      Upto 9m x 1m, forget the pocket atlas  !!

      It is the purchasers requirement to supply the map image -but we have made these before so can offer advice.

      Below is an image of a 9m x 1.5m map used by the Haggis Hunters on the 2015 Rally. This also show the image resoluton and detail on the 9m map.


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      Bonnet sticker any size up to 1.5m x 1m.

      The recommended artwork size is 8563pixel x 5906pixels JPG or 145cm x 100cm at 150dpi image.


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      Pair of sill stickers any size up to 2.0m x 0.35m.

      The recommended artwork size is two images, each 11811pixel x 2067pixels JPG or 200cm x 35cm at 150dpi.


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      One roof sticker any size up to 2.5m x 1.45m.

      The recommended artwork size is a 1476pixel x 8563pixels JPG or 2500cm x 145cm at 150dpi.


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