To be a successful marketing tool, any well-designed roller banner must be positioned correctly. Here we share our experience to on where to position a roller banner at any tradeshow or retail environment.

When positioned correctly, a printed roller banner can be a powerful call to action like a checkout triggered impulse purchase in a supermarket.

Here we go through the behavioural biases and psychology tips to position your next roll up in the best position.

At the Retail Entrance

At 2m tall, a positioning a roller banner beside an entranceway to attract new business is always a smart choice. With interchangeable models and reskinning options available a different design can be used daily or for special promotions.

Placing your banner by an entrance stands out to notify customers you have a special promotion or product launch in-store. By changing the graphic regularly it will keep your business looking fresh. In the past, some customers have used a double-sided roller banner model and deployed a different graphic for a morning promotion than an afternoon deal.

At tradeshows and exhibitions, positioning a roller banner providing useful information and directions at an entranceway is almost essential.

Position a Roller Banner Inside Entrance

Once you have attracted customers inside, the entranceway is a space to make customers feel comfortable. It is known that most people will enter a room, glance to the left and then focus more attention to items on the right-hand side. So knowing this behavioural bias, why not place an attractive roller banner to the right of your entrance door. Either highlighting features of your favoured products and services or just using powerful images to set the tone of your company brand.

Banners placed just inside the entrance are recommended to be of the most simple in design. People do not want to be intimidated by lengthy text and details upon entering a space. Instead, an attractive image and short catchphrase to guide customers on where to go next will be most effective.

End of a Corridor or Isle

Does your business layout mean it is a challenge to use all of your space effectively? Is your hotel restaurant at the end of a long corridor? Do you need to give extra encouragement to bring people to view the spa down some stairs?

In retail, they call this concept ‘end capping’ by using attractive end-of-aisle displays to entice customers to put in the extra legwork to walk along an aisle they otherwise wouldn’t.

A roller banner could be a perfect solution, particularly when space is tight. For the design, large simple yet captivating graphics which can be seen from a distance and powerful to encourage a closer look. If you position your roller banners in a small area, don’t forget the optional light fixings to illuminate your banner.

Position a Roller Banner Beside Special Products

Did you know if a man takes an item to the fitting room he is 65% likely to complete the purchase? Knowing this, why not place a tastefully designed roller banner beside your promoted products showing them where the fitting rooms are? A banner placed beside a product can also detail the warranty and specifications to give the consumer the extra confidence to complete the purchase.

If your business is a service, why not place one to the right-hand side of a brochure or leaflet?

Banners in this position can contain more text and information as you are not trying to attract viewing from a distance. Instead, you are trying to inform the consumer of why your product is so great.

Visual Break

Extremely effective in hotels and the service industry, is to position a roller banner as a visual break. Watch the flow of your business premises and identify areas where people wait. This could be beside an elevator, opposite an area of seating or beside a checkout queue.

Positioning a roller banner in these hot-spot areas of where people wait can be doubly effective.

Time how long people generally spend in this area and tailor the design of your roll-up to match. If consumers spend 10 minutes sat waiting, for example; a waiting room, why not use the opportunity to give interesting and detailed information. If the pause is only thirty seconds, for example, next to an elevator a shorter graphic will be more effective.


Window Display

One of the most neglected marketing tools by small businesses is window displays. Are you grabbing the attention of passers-by like the large retail stores are? Here, you can position an extra-wide roller banner as a backdrop to any window display.

Overall, positioning a roller banner correctly can be a helpful nudge to boost your business. Whilst experimenting with the best position, remember rollers are very portable so can be easily moved. Despite this, you should always consider the best roller banner position before the graphic design phase.