When you have an event, a store opening, a sale, one of the best marketing tools you can use to promote is flyers. Yes, you’d probably think flyers are too old-fashioned and even unnecessary, but hey, you’d be surprised by how useful and helpful flyers are.

Let’s think about promotion for a second; usually, the traditional strategies like a TV campaign, a billboard or a newspaper campaign can be a bit pricey (or super pricey.) If you don’t have a huge business and a huge budget, you will have to come up with new forms of advertising.

Even with today’s technologies and the benefits of social media, some traditional forms of advertising are still worth it. You need to be creative and open-minded, as some conventional advertising methods are, and have proven to be extremely useful.

If you are considering using flyers for advertising your business, but are still a bit uncertain, here we gathered the benefits of using them in your campaigns:

Flyers are affordable: If you have a tight budget, you’ll be glad to know that flyers are very affordable and straightforward to produce. Even when you have to hire a designer that works on eye-catching design, the prices will still be fair for almost any budget. And the paper used to produce flyers is also pretty standard, as flyers usually promote one-time events, so there is no need to use the highest quality of the paper.

Flyers are personal and tangible: that point is vital when it comes to approaching your audience. As much as technology makes things easier, there is also the chance of you getting away from your clients. Still, when you hand flyers you can establish connections with people, many of them will be interested in your promotion and may ask you questions, so there is a high possibility of convincing them.

And even if they don’t talk to you for the first time, they will end up reading the flyer at some point, which guarantees you a second chance of convincing them. That is why it is essential always to have all the details on the flyer.

Flyers can be incentives: not only for people to know about your business but also for them to be excited about it. You can add to a flyer a discount code, instructions for winning prices, a QR code, or whatever you want to make your event more appealing.

A flyer can be measuring tools: if you add incentives, you can also use them to measure the impact your campaign had, that way you will be able to see if there is something you should fix or if the campaign was successful.

As you can see, flyers are a tried and trusted tool that won’t cost you too much, and that will help you put your event on the public eye. One important thing to know is that you need to make sure the flyer is creative and eye-catching, focus on giving your audience all the information they need in a fun way. Surround yourself with a good team for designing and printing your flyers, and you’ll have success in your hands.