So you’ve spent months writing the script, choosing the costumes and ticking off the never ending script of logistic tasks. Your flyers have been painstakingly designed, printed and they have just arrived looking sharp.

Here’s how to hand out fringe flyers like a boss. Make this year’s show an Edinburgh Fringe sell out!

Described as the 6 second performance of your life – and we’re not talking about the first time you got your partner into bed.. The six-second performance is the untold key to making your Edinburgh Fringe a success. Six seconds will be the most practised and repeated script you will be performing this summer. Believe me, it will be a rollercoaster, there will be tears of joy and celebration after the pains of anger and frustration.

So you ask, how to win the Royal Mile game show of handing out fringe flyers and selling tickets!

As a successful flyer distributor or flyerer, despite what most say; you will succeed if you:

Never, ever, ever give out a fringe flyer!

There are an estimated 15 million flyers handed out during the month of August in Edinburgh. Most of these are handed out on one street which is 107 yards longer than 1 mile – yes the Royal Mile. So what are the chances of that punter who doesn’t really want a flyer turning up to your show?

Your six-second performance is your tool for entering show stardom. Yes if performed correctly six seconds is long enough to convey the ethos of your show and have the punters wanting more. Your primary task in this six-second performance is to communicate what the show is, in such a way that people want to know more.

The measure of success for this six-second performance is simple if punters want to know more – such as where and what time the show is- they will take a fringe flyer from you. Simples.

So with that in mind, here is our checklist for winning the 6-second performance and selling more tickets with flyers at Edinburgh Fringe 2017.


  • Win with eye contact – If you can make eye-contact with a punter then the evolved human mantra to be polite will instinctively invite your 6-second power performance.
  • Show off your creativity – Experiment with how you can deliver your 6-second pitch, rather than using a megaphone, can you explain your whole show in one sentence of cockney rhyming slang?
  • Theatrical – When only 7% of communication is spoken how can your movements, tone and appearance communicate what the show is about? Dressing up could be one way to stand out but be sure to have a spare outfit for the evening as an afternoon on the mile has been know to get a little hot under the collar!
  • Involve the full team – Handing out flyers is more fun when there is a team environment. With people playing off each other, can some members create the visual interest to invite eye contact?
  • Sing and make use of props – If your show is musical why not bring the cello with you? Everybody loves a free sample. If people think you are busking it could help you pay the rent!
  • Look out for celebrities – It’s no myth that A-listers don the mile for the Edinburgh Fringe experience. If you keep your eyes peeled for a celeb, chances are you will be more alert to the mortal punters.
  • Highlight awards – All publicity is good publicity at the Fringe. Promote your sell-out 5-star show even if the rating was only from your nan.


  • Avoid intimidating passers-by, it’s not just them you intimidate other punters will see and look to skip by
  • Don’t be offended when the grumpy local barges past, he has probably just run out of haggis
  • Miss the embarrassment and don’t get sunburnt.
  • Don’t let the torrential rain drench you, have an exit strategy

Above all, enjoy your performance on the Royal Mile, it can be a great month handing out fringe flyers.

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