Have you been to an exhibition or trade show recently? Did you spot the businesses using portable stands to introduce new products? These are commonly called Roll-up Banners, Roller Banners or Printed Rollups. Roll-Up Banners are great to help stand out from the crowd at any exhibition. They are also a helpful design addition to your office, shop or hotel, enticing potential customers in without even talking to them. In short, an effective Roll-up Banners can be your essential marketing tool. It serves as your reliable business associate, guaranteed to look professional and arrive on time!

To get the best value from any roller banner print, it is important to consider the optimal design and content.

In business and advertising, the most common enemy among owners and sales teams is time. You have to make the most of every moment, particularly when travelling or advertising your brand. In marketing and roll-up banners, it only takes a few seconds for people to make their decision. This is why the first impression with your roll-up banner design is so important.

If this is your first time to designing a Roll-up Banner for your business, fear not, here are five of the most helpful tips we recommend to ensure a successful design.

  1. Crown Your Banner With A Company Logo

As crazy as it sounds, it is important to keep your company logo or business name at the top of your design. This area is above eye-level at short-distance, but visible from afar, helping people to spot you from a distance. Your logo needs to be seen even when your Roll-Up Banner is placed behind a table.

  1. Pick the Winning Colour or Theme

This is one of the most overlooked parts of designing a Roll-up Banner. Colours must compliment your company character and consider the banner location. Use bright and catchy colours when possible so your Roll-up Banner becomes the apple of the eye whenever you’re in a crowded or busy location. Don’t forget to check a text is placed on a contrasting background colour for easy reading.

  1. Make Your Message Concise

Chances are, wherever your banner is placed it will be competing for attention with other exhibitors or in a busy shopping environment. We recommend treating your roll-up design more as a welcoming  handshake or business card than a 100-page catalogue with all the details. It is proven that a short message and good visual is both more approachable and more memorable. Using catchphrases is one way to reduce words and encourage customers to seek more details. Why not have a simple roll-up banner design, with a detailed flyer or brochure to hand for customers take the details away with them.

  1. Use High-Resolution Images

Remember that Roll-up Banner prints are much larger than your computer screen, so be sure to use high-quality images whenever possible. We recommend graphics of 300dpi to ensure, crisp and eye-catching images. We do have special software used for upscaling images available to customers using the design service but it is usually easier to select your best images initially