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We offer a complete Professional Design Service using an accomplished Graphic Design Team. Demystifying the design and pre-print process, your next order is made easy.

There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW!

Wow is the one to aim for.

Craig, Edinburgh Banners Designer
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Your Guide to Pole Pocket Banners and Scaffold PVC Banners

Order scaffold banners here. Many outdoor banners and scaffolding banners are attached using a pole pocket. Pole pockets are a great way to hang a PVC banner on a construction site because there is always plenty of scaffolding around. Even when no scaffolding is handy, attaching a PVC banner using pole pockets can often be a good idea. By [...]

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Why PVC Pub Banners Beat Social Media Marketing

As revolutionary as social media sounds, with online targeted marketing analytics and more, is it really more effective than a classic PVC Pub Banner? It is easy to miss the full costs of an online campaign; sponsoring posts, regular staff time to keep a fresh feed and discounting product margins to create maintain an online buzz. The internet and [...]

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How to Hand Out Fringe Flyers and Win More Ticket Sales!

So you’ve spent months writing the script, choosing the costumes and ticking off the never ending script of logistic tasks. Your flyers have been painstakingly designed, printed and they have just arrived looking sharp. Here’s how to hand out your Fringe Flyers like a boss. Make this year's show an Edinburgh Fringe sell out! Described as the 6 second performance [...]

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Band Banners – Backdrops and Stage Scrims

Now as essential as a sound check, PVC Banners and Printed Backdrops are an expected gig accessory. Band banners for gigs and performances form part of the visual experience and are often the most shared visual of a gig. Social media, Instagram and Snapchat means it is difficult to gauge how worldwide the reach of printed backdrops really are. [...]

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Supersizing Your Logo For Print, Image Up Scaling

We often receive images or logos which a customer would love to use in a PVC banner but the resolution is too low to print. – or is it? Here we take you through how we supersize your logos and images for PVC banner printing.   How do we know an image is too low a resolution for a [...]

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Where to Position a Rollup Banner

To be a successful marketing tool, any well-designed roll up banner must be positioned correctly. Here we share our experience to on where to position a roll up banner at any tradeshow or retail environment. When positioned correctly, a printed roll up can be a powerful a call to action like a checkout triggered impulse purchase in a supermarket. [...]

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