Band Banners – Backdrops and Stage Scrims

Now as essential as a sound check, PVC Banners and Printed Backdrops are an expected gig accessory. Band banners for gigs and performances form part of the visual experience and are often the most shared visual of a gig. Social media, Instagram and Snapchat means it is difficult to gauge how worldwide the reach [...]

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Where to Position a Rollup Banner

To be a successful marketing tool, any well-designed roll up banner must be positioned correctly. Here we share our experience to on where to position a roll up banner at any tradeshow or retail environment. When positioned correctly, a printed roll up can be a powerful a call to action like a checkout triggered impulse [...]

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Cut your Printing and Advertising Budget by Replacing Roller Banner Graphics

Have you ever thought how wasteful it is to throw away perfectly good roller banner bases? Have you considered fitting a replacement graphic to an existing Roller Banner base? Well thankfully Edinburgh Banners likes your thinking! With a new year always comes a renewed pressure to save money in and get more bang for your [...]

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Designing Your First Roll-Up Banner

Have you been to an exhibition or trade show recently? Did you spot the businesses using portable stands to introduce new products? These are commonly called Roll-up Banners, Roller Banners or Printed Rollups. Roll-Up Banners are great to help stand out from the crowd at any exhibition. They are also a helpful design addition to [...]

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