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Building wraps are the ideal solution for landlords, commercial property agents developers or builders looking to make a bold impression with their building or scaffold structure. For attention grabbing adverts, captivating event branding or 1:1 scale images of an existing building, Edinburgh Banners offer a complete service for commercial or landlord led projects.


Print quality is one of most noticeable differentiators to wrap quality. A great artwork could be thwarted if a fast print leaves horizontal lines or is applied in low resolution. At Edinburgh Banners, all wraps are printed with high pass rates using only the highest-quality, outdoor durable, UV protected based solvent inks. Rated for crisp bright graphics in up to of 5 years UV exposure before showing any signs of fading

Building sized banner installations require specialist material specifications. The loads, weather exposure, installation duration and attachment method must all be considered during this process. For this reason, we will be reluctant to quote before a site survey has been completed.

When choosing a printed building wrap, there are three broad material choices:

In all quotes we will include the most environmentally conscious material as an option, this is to ensure customers consider the environmental choices.


We would normally never use a PVC less than 320GSM, this is to ensure good durability of the wrap in all weather conditions.

Outdoor building wraps can be tailored to last anywhere from 6months to 5-years with minimal maintenance. The biggest impact to building wrap durability is abrasion from its attachment method.

Indoor building wraps not exposed to the same weather damage will easily last 10+ years without maintenance.

When considering the material for your building wrap, we review many factors beyond price and smooth finish for great image quality.

Durability and safety is paramount so we also consider factors such as material welding strength and even frost durability.

The environmental impact of our business is very important to the Edinburgh Banners team. For this reason, we will always strongly encourage environmentally coconscious material choices. We tackle our businesses environmental impact in 3 ways; reducing wastage during manufacture, extending building wrap life-spans with clever design and thirdly offering biodegradable PVC alternative options such as BIOflex® FL.

With the correct artwork, giant building wraps provide a medium for unrivalled artistic impact. It is however imperative to understand local planning restrictions when considering design concepts. Internal building wraps have different challenges although rarely have the same regulatory design restrictions.

Our team can guide you through the complete creative and regulatory artwork process. We can source images, upscale existing artwork or create high-quality rendered visualisations. Existing building facades can be replicated in 3d digital modelling or reproduced from photographs to create the illusion of scaffolding ‘disappearing’.

Additional features such as interchangeable panels can also be incorporated at the design stage. Interchangeable advertising spaces can generate extra revenue and be updated easily by being independent from the main building wrap itself.

Before printing, high-resolution mock-ups and printed proofs are used to ensure the correct material and colour matches are made.

As a general rule of thumb, aim for an image to be 25-75dpi at 100% scale. This target varies dependant on the choice of material (PVC, vinyl or mesh), total building wrap dimensions and the viewing perspective of passers-by. We will always use specialist upscaling programs to prepare any image for extra large-format printing.

Extended scaffolding is the most effective method in attaching PVC and mesh wraps with tight smooth finish. A Kee clamp framework is built onto a scaffold structure and the printed PVC or mesh is stretched tightly around it. This method is best planned before any scaffolding is erected.

Direct to scaffold is the lowest cost but less durable alternative. Usually used when scaffolding is already erected and it is cost prohibitive to add the Kee clamp system. In this method the building wrap graphic is compromised to fit around the existing scaffold work. This is only suited for temporary-medium instillations as abrasion and cuts are more common.

Wire frame and extended wire frame can be highly effective in internal and external building wraps or when no scaffolding is to be erected. Wire frames are also appropriate when only a section of a building is to be wrapped. Tensioned wire provides a solid flat surface for graphics to be mounted onto.

Eye-bolting is an alternative to wire frame in smaller instillations. Unobtrusive eyelets are mounted into brickwork with a banner attached with eyelets. It is important to note that in listed buildings planning permission will need sought for the permanent eyelets.

Vinyl is the preferred choice if the building allows. Not requiring its own structure and not subject to wind abrasion, vinyl can be the most permanent solution. This medium is great for applying directly onto glass, steel plastics or GRP, this method is commonly used for sports stadiums and shopping centres.

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