808, 2018

Cut your Printing and Advertising Budget by Replacing Roller Banner Graphics

August 8th, 2018|Categories: Roll-Up Banner|

Have you ever thought how wasteful it is to throw away perfectly good roller banner bases? Have you considered fitting a replacement graphic to an existing Roller Banner base? Well thankfully Edinburgh Banners likes your thinking! With a new year always comes a renewed pressure to save money in and get more bang for your marketing and advertising budget. Not only the money, by replacing only the rollup graphic, this will also reduce our impact on the environment. So for 2017 Edinburgh Banners have introduced a Reskinning and Replacement graphic service for Roller Banners and Pop Up Displays. ROLL UPS Our Graphic Only / Replacement Graphic option for roller [...]

1506, 2018

How to Hand Out Fringe Flyers and Win More Ticket Sales!

June 15th, 2018|Categories: Edinburgh Fringe, Flyers|Tags: , , , |

So you’ve spent months writing the script, choosing the costumes and ticking off the never ending script of logistic tasks. Your flyers have been painstakingly designed, printed and they have just arrived looking sharp. Here’s how to hand out your Fringe Flyers like a boss. Make this year's show an Edinburgh Fringe sell out! Described as the 6 second performance of your life – and were not talking about the first time you got your partner into bed.. The six-second performance is the untold key to making your Edinburgh Fringe a success. Six seconds will be the most practiced and repeated script you will be performing this summer. Believe me, [...]

905, 2018

5 Tips : How to choose a Winning Font for Your Banner

May 9th, 2018|Categories: Design, PVC Banners|

  It was beautiful. Historical. Artistically subtle in a way that science can't capture.   Your next PVC banner might not need to make history but you do want it to make an impact. Here we give you some practical tips to help design your next killer banner font.   5 Tips on Choosing a Killer Banner Font 1 Know You Brand When less is more, and you are limited to punchy short text on your banner, it is essential typography is used to communicate the weight of your brand. Choosing the wrong font misses an opportunity and could cost your business. Consider if a different font was [...]

1203, 2018

Where to Position a Rollup Banner

March 12th, 2018|Categories: Roll-Up Banner|

To be a successful marketing tool, any well-designed roll up banner must be positioned correctly. Here we share our experience to on where to position a roll up banner at any tradeshow or retail environment. When positioned correctly, a printed roll up can be a powerful a call to action like a checkout triggered impulse purchase in a supermarket. Here we go through the behavioural biases and psychology tips to position your next roll up in the best position.   At the Retail Entrance At 2m tall, a roll-up can be positioned beside an entranceway to attract new business from a distance. With interchangeable models and reskinning options available [...]

401, 2018

Why PVC Pub Banners Beat Social Media Marketing

January 4th, 2018|Categories: Design, PVC Banners|

As revolutionary as social media sounds, with online targeted marketing analytics and more, is it really more effective than a classic PVC Pub Banner? It is easy to miss the full costs of an online campaign; sponsoring posts, regular staff time to keep a fresh feed and discounting product margins to create maintain an online buzz. The internet and social media has had many benefits but social has become a noisy place particularly in advertising for restaurants and pubs. By comparison, PVC pub banners have been generating proven returns for pub owners for years. With PVC pub banner you are advertising locally, targeting directly the customers who live nearby [...]

1301, 2017

Your Guide to Pole Pocket Banners and Scaffold PVC Banners

January 13th, 2017|Categories: PVC Banners|Tags: , |

Order scaffold banners here. Many outdoor banners and scaffolding banners are attached using a pole pocket. Pole pockets are a great way to hang a PVC banner on a construction site because there is always plenty of scaffolding around. Even when no scaffolding is handy, attaching a PVC banner using pole pockets can often be a good idea. By supporting the PVC banner top and bottom, the poles tension the PVC to create a smooth drum like finish. The flatter the PVC, the better the image looks. We always want your PVC banner to look amazing! For indoor banners hung along the top edge only, a weight inserted through [...]